Propeller Clock | The coolest thing I have ever seen!

While doing research for my next article, I stumbled over something that truly made my mind go into a state of awe. It was beyond anything that I could ever have imagined you could do with a bit of skill, some LED’s and an old hard drive. What I instantly thought about after sitting for a good 20 seconds just happily inspired and hopeful, was how long it must have taken for the person to calculate the “light time”, location, speed, etc… to make the whole concept work.

The result of some hard work (I am sure) is a Propeller Clock that I would just love to have on my night stand protected inside a Plexiglas container in case it should in someway or somehow decide to come apart. The visuals this Propeller Clock showcases are nothing short of genius and it reminds me of all those good old movies like “Bladerunner” and Stephen Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of The Third Kind”.

The choice of colors and the custom built card is just a piece of beauty and the concept in itself should be able to have a substantial dollar value on the market if it is refined and designed just a little bit more. The cool wave of joy it gives me is truly amazing and I might sound like I am overrating this piece of custom built technology but I am just in awe of what the result is. Simply amazing!