Protect Your Gear: Awesome Intuitive Virus Protection

In the climate of today’s technology landscape, pretty much everyone is battling the storm of malware and viruses that could potentially render your most valuable assets unusable. If it wasn’t for all the companies out there that specialize in creating virus protection, firewalls and malware detectors, we would all not be doing what we do right now. Why someone would want to destroy the valuable files for someone they don’t know is beyond me, but I guess it tracks back to one single statement that the police usually get when asking why these people did what they did. It’s because they can.

However, even though most protection software is more than user friendly, they can sometimes become a bit hard to understand since the features they sport are becoming ever more advanced. But, that’s all about to change. At least it is if you are looking at the awesome idea that designers Kim Hye-won, Kim Ji-eun and Park Na-hyun sent in and won the 2010 Red Dot Concept Design award.

It’s a Virus Spuit that actually works just like the real deal. All you do is plug your spuit into your portable device (like an external hard drive, flash memory or any other file hosting device) and the gadget will start removing (sucking) out the malware that it’s infected with. It’s truly intuitive and straight forward. Why can’t everything be this easy? What happened with plug and play? #JustSaying