Common Questions About Microsoft Teams

Earlier this year, Microsoft released their messaging app called Microsoft Teams that’s been all the talk of the town. You may be in the group of people that aren’t too sure what it is or why you should be interested in what it has to offer.

Viju brings you some common questions on Microsoft Teams and the switchover from Skype Room Systems to help you understand just what it has to offer and whether it’s something you’re looking for.

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Why Should I Use Microsoft Teams?

As Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app it allows everyone to access vital tools all in one place. With an easy to use interface, like that of Facebook or Slack, it allows a new user to begin with some familiarity, especially those that work closely with Office 365.

This allows business to run as usual, as with any new app or software introduction it can often slow down the workday. When vital projects needed completing the last thing you need is new software getting in the way.

What Are Teams?

Within Microsoft Teams, projects, content and tools are all separated into teams to allow a streamlined and accessible application. This enables any user that has access to join selected projects, providing input and ideas across the company at the click of a button.

In a business that’s quite large, it’s invaluable as it removes the need to send several different chains of emails with content hidden in-between. Allowing transparency and unified communication across the business, increasing productivity exponentially.

Can I Still Make One-To-One Calls?

Of course! Included within Microsoft Team is Skypes one-to-one call functionality, allowing you to call any other users who you include in the invite. These calls are private and don’t appear in team conversations, giving you a more personalized conversation without interruption.

Removing the need to take time out of the working day to set up or prepare a specific meeting room or call software to communicate directly, it’s right there in Microsoft Teams.

Can I Message Someone On Skype For Business?

[pullquote]Microsoft Teams has the ability to chat to anybody who’s using Skype for Business easily, without fuss.[/pullquote] It’s as simple as messaging or starting video conferencing with somebody within Microsoft Teams with a click of a button, no messing around required. This removes the barriers that could be in place by using other applications, as a lot of businesses use Skype For Business and may not make the move into Teams, allowing you to still collaborate cross-app.

During a busy day where you need everything to be on-point, fiddling around with different applications and devices only hampers productivity, potentially slowing down a project.

These are just a few common questions based around Microsoft Teams, get in touch with a Microsoft Team provider such as Viju to find out more.

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