The Folding Bluetooth Keyboard For Your iPad Or iPhone

When the first iPhone model was released, there was a landslide of people who bashed it for having a virtual keyboard (or a touchscreen keyboard depending on how you want to label it). There was a huge discussion about what would serve the iPhone best in the long run. This discussion even continued as people wanted Apple to release a bluetooth keyboard to complement the iPhone for those who wanted a physical keyboard to type on instead. Apple hasn’t directly and actively released a physical keyboard for their iPhone yet, and the debate has since died down a bit. However, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t still missing the physical keyboard in their lives.

For everyone who is still waiting, and for those who haven’t yet found a good solution to get a physical keyboard for their iPhone, you may be in luck today. Elecom just released their foldable iPhone bluetooth keyboard, and by the looks of it, this badboy seems to be awesome. It works with the iPhone, iPad and iTouch, which is going to make a lot of people run for their wallet to get one. Not only is it nice to have a portable keyboard wherever you go, but it also looks pretty baller if you ask me.

The Elecom Bluetooth Folding Keyboard will set you back about $100, but it is sure to make your typing a whole lot easier. It’s available now over at White Rabbit Express, so if you have been waiting for a long time to get one that might fit your pocket as well as your wallet, this is the time to act. I like that it looks quite robust, but as always with keyboards, you have to type a little on it in order to find out whether you like the “feel” of the keyboard before you buy it. In this case, that will not be possible since you will be buying it online. But, we all like to live a little dangerously every now and then so it might not matter, right?

Elecom Bluetooth Folable iPhone Keyboard

Elecom Bluetooth Folable iPhone Keyboard

Elecom Bluetooth Folable iPhone Keyboard

Via: [InventorSpot]