Citroen Car From 1965 Turns Into A Real 60-Foot Tall Transformer

Transformers have always impressed people from all over the world. Their ability to turn themselves into lethal weapons and then later into vehicles have mesmerized kids for pretty much as long as they have been around. But we have yet to see a real transformer. Well, you can stop looking because when you see what Chico MacMurtrie was able to create with his old 1965 Citroen car, you will not only be impressed, but you’ll also wonder when we’ll be seeing real transformers in the world.

The project, dubbed Totemobile, was born when MacMurtrie had the idea of turning his pickup truck into a dog monkey transformer he had previously drawn. There’s no doubt he gathered his inspiration from the Transformers movies and the earlier cartoon series we all used to glue ourselves to. The Citroen car (written Cirtoën) used is a 1965 model which has been heavily modified and altered in order to become the impressive transformer is transforms into.

This old classic car uses over 50 interdependent machines of varying functions, all tracked by over 100 sensors during the robot’s transformation. The sensors make sure that when a certain procedure is done, it triggers another, all in order to make the transformation into a lethal transformer as smooth and optimized as possible.

The transformation takes around 3 minutes, so don’t go thinking you will see a super fast movie-like Transformers transformation. We still have a whole lot of road to cover before the speed and the procedures are as fast as the ones we are used to seeing on the silver screen. Yet, this Citroen car is a marvel of engineering and something that I think MacMurtrie should be insanely proud of. I am sure this little demo video of the car transforming is going to make a lot of technically masterful people start thinking about turning their Mustangs, Chargers and whatnot into real working transformers cars. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for multipurpose cars.

Chico MacMurtrie’s Real Transformers Citroen Car




Via: [psfk]