Make Way For The Real-Life Iron Man In His Daedalus Suit

While Tony Stark continues to entertain us in the world of comic books and cinema, we now have a real-life hero to look up to. Meet Richard Browning who, with the help of his team at Gravity Industries, has come up with a working model of an Iron Man suit! Powered by a jet pack, this suit can make the wearer fly at a speed of 279 mph, now that is some serious speeding violation. We wonder what the take of the aviation industry is on this matter. As unbelievable as it may sound, Richard has actually released video footage of this bad boy, called the Daedalus suit, in action, and he definitely flies.

Fondly referred to as the Daedalus Suit by its makers, this futuristic suit is an example of exemplary engineering skills. The engines at the limbs help to control the motion while the turbines on the back and the legs will maintain your balance as you soar above the clouds. [pullquote]Although Browning has not been adventurous enough to try out the maximum speed that the suit offers, the video of him hovering a few feet above the ground is pretty awesome.[/pullquote] However, we would love to see him zooming through the sky at breakneck velocity.

Even if you are not cool enough to be a superhero, you could still benefit a lot from this amazing invention. You could avoid the rush hour traffic with the power of jet engines having your back, quite literally. How about crossing international borders to grab some Sushi from your favorite restaurant in Tokyo or to watch the lights of the Eiffel Tower flicker at midnight? The government will have to buy these suits for the customs personnel, after all, even Iron Man is not allowed to bring illegal stuff into the country. When you have had enough at work, just power up your Daedalus suit and jump out of a window, a memorable exit indeed!

Gravity Industries is truly redefining the laws of gravity with this breakthrough human propulsion technology. This British startup aims to change the game of manned flights, and they surely seem to be on the right track. We would love to give an arm and a leg to pay for this incredibly real Iron Man suit, but the lack of a few limbs might render the suit useless. The cruel ironies of life! While you spend hours trying to figure out how to fix the washer, Browning will swoop in with his Daedalus suit and will fly out with your beautiful crush. Aren’t we jealous now?

We wonder what other tricks Mr. Browning has up his sleeve. A Batmobile perhaps? Maybe the hammer of Thor which only he can lift? That would impress the ladies for sure. Whoever thinks that the brainiacs can’t be cool is so wrong! It is the age of the geeks, and only the smartest will survive. So, either come up with a way to build one of these for yourself or break the bank to buy this suit. You will just be a mere mortal if you cannot fly off in a real Iron Man suit, with the push of a button. – For more personal flight builds click here.

Daedalus Suit – The Iron Man Suit Is Soon A Reality

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