Real Life Like Button: Tracking Your Greatness

I have covered something like this before, but this is a slightly different execution. The real life like button back then was merely a lamp that lit up when someone liked a certain website, and the owner of that Facebook fan site could literally see it light up every time someone pressed that like button. It’s a noble invention for sure, but only makes for a little extra cool in the life of an ordinary geek. What would be cooler would be if there were actually a real like button somewhere in your house or office that people could actually click, and it would update on the fan site as well. That would be the real like button in my own humble opinion.

Mario Klingermann, also known as Quasimondo on Flickr, has what every Facebook geek wants. He put together a geeky and ego boosting real life like button which is sure to give you a nudge out of bed in the morning. It looks like a simple box with a simple execution, but bear in mind that there is a lot of coding that goes on with that button as well. You have to tap into the Facebook API and then shoot information back and forth in order to update the count whenever someone clicks that real life like button. Not only do you have to update the number on the little LED screen, you also have to shoot an API call over to Facebook telling it another person liked this.

I like (no joke intended) stuff like this and sure wouldn’t mind having one of these myself. It would be a cool little thing to actually have in the Bit Rebels office one day. It would give us some kind of measurement about whether people liked visiting us or not. I mean, everyone could use a little ego push every now and then, don’t you think? Where would you think the perfect place for this button would be? What would make it stand out, and what would make it a hilarious addition to the real life experience?

Real Life Like Button Gadget