Reasons You Shouldn´t Do SEO Yourself

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an invaluable practice of conjuring organic search engine results to increase the quality and quantity of web traffic. A higher Google search engine ranking can be rewarding for any business.

Some of the benefits include the opportunity to enhance the user experience, generate crucial leads and conversions, reduce advertising cost, and turn web searches into actual sales. All these marketing objectives can be achieved with an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy.

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The first strategy is understanding how the search engine crawlers propagate SEO. Secondly, you need to know how to get the target audience to click on your Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Popular search engines like Google and Bing have an algorithm that uses an in-built index to match the results of a search query. According to a leading online marketing resource, Moz, the thematic clusters used to rank pages on Google are apportioned as follows:

  • Domain-level, Link Authority Features (quality of links) 20.9%
  • Page-Level Link Features (anchor text distribution, TrustRank, PageRank)19.2%
  • Page-Level Keyword and Content Features (content quality, relevance)14.9%
  • Page-Level Keyword Agnostic Features (content, readability, uniqueness, and length) 9.8%
  • Domain-Level Brand Features (brand mentions) 8.6%
  • User, Usage and Traffic (traffic/clickstream/bowser usage signals) 8.1%
  • Social Metrics (quality and quantity of tweeted links, social media shares, i.e., Facebook shares) 7.3%
  • Domain-Level Keyword Usage (exact and partial keyword domains and matches) 6.9%
  • Domain-Level, Keyword Agnostic Features (TLD extension, length of the domain name, HTTP response time) 5.2%

Why You Should Hire A Search Optimization Expert

With all the underlying complexities and the numerous Search Engine Optimization benefits you could be missing out on, there are enough reasons to hire an SEO professional in your next project. Remember, as 80% of all B2B buyers begin the buying process with a web search. Almost a similar number of US internet users go online to research various products and services.

According To The Entrepreneur, Here Are 6 Top Reasons Why Need An Seo Expert By Your Side:

1. SEO Is Complex

Due to time constraints and underlying technicalities, taking time off to read and implement SEO best practices can be a challenge for many people. The technical considerations often touch on the intricate issues needed to boost a brand’s online presence.

These include backlinking, content optimization, and user-experience and core Google ranking factors. A professional versed in the subject understands what needs to be done and will move in quickly to formulate a winning strategy.

2. The Rules Are Ever-Changing

Search Engine Optimization changes can be far-reaching or minor. In case of the latter, Google may not find it necessary to keep you alerted on every infinitesimal change. One of the latest additions on Goggle algorithms is RankBrain.

The component uses machine learning to determine search results based on relevance. SEO experts know they have to keep up with the changing Google algorithms to ensure your SERPs are not negatively impacted. This is unlike online marketers who have a lot on their plate when it comes to branding and marketing.

3. Mistakes Can Be Very Costly

If you’ve worked with SEO for a lengthy period, you know certain tactics and errors can hurt your ranking and even get you unduly penalized. Some of the mistakes you should avoid include; adding duplicate content, cloaking and stuffing keyword or using unrelated keywords. The other issue to watch out for is acquiring artificial backlinks. A Search Engine Optimization expert understands the common pitfalls and will help you avoid them from the onset.

4. Professionals Have The Right Tool Kits To Offer Robust Analytics

You need the proper tools to maintain a robust SEO campaign. However, specific optimization tools are privileged and costly, so your typical marketer may not have them in the starter kit. A good number of marketers depend on Google Analytics, but this tool is highly inadequate and can limit your scope of operation.

Premium keyword research tools generally provide more significant insights and context on core issues such as search volume, keyword relevance, and competition. The premium tools can also help you identify the keywords and add-ons driving and dragging your site’s performance.

Professionals are well-resourced when it comes to analytical software toolkit and Search Engine Optimization execution skills. The experts can easily identify the problems and nuances impacting your campaign and deploy the tools that will help you achieve the desired results, whether you are looking to drive traffic and sales or simply boost your brand’s online presence.

5. You Will Be Able To Track Your Competitors

SEO has become a powerful search tool, and every severe marketer is using it as part of their marketing arsenal. Indeed, the opportunity to beat the competition is one of the factors driving businesses towards SEO.

Using the insights obtained from the competitor analysis, a professional can help you choose the strategies that will keep you on top of your marketing game. The experts can also use their online marketing experience to advise you on what works and doesn’t work.

6. The ROI Potential Is Astronomical

Any business venture hoping to see serious ROI must invest in SEO to realize serious growth potential. When your site appears favorably on Google or Yahoo search engines, you will essentially be telling your customers and potential customers that you are a serious and trusted player.

SEO can be used to articulate many things; including targeting the right audience and building brand awareness. This is way cost-effective compared to traditional online and offline advertising strategies such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC). In the final analysis, hiring a professional is generally cheaper and beneficial to the business bearing in mind the possible dividends.

Mobile SEO And What You Need To Know

As more users turn to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to access the web, the growth of mobile experience will profoundly impact Search Engine Optimization practices over the coming years. The statistics are already pointing us in this direction. According to the influential Search Engine Journal, over 60% of all online searches on Google emanate from mobile devices.

At the same time, over 90% of users will quit a mobile site or app if it does not offer the desired satisfaction. The satisfaction is measured in terms of navigation experience and the ability to find the desired information. Google has come up with the mobile-first index to help individuals and businesses achieve optimal visibility on the mobile platform.

Before the development, the older algorithm had a few UX elements factored in the index, such as pop-up advertisements. To adequately prepare your business for the mobile-first index, the Edmonton SEO Guy Website says you must pay close attention to the following elements:

  • Content quality
  • Page speed
  • Internal linking
  • Hosting

Since Google has already instituted mobile crawling in its search scheme, your mobile site content needs to be just as good as what you have on the desktop platform. Secondly, speedy load time can go a long way to reduce the bounce rate.

With regard to hosting, you need to make sure the server hosting your site can handle increased crawl rate from high demand simulation tools like mobile Googlebot. The whole strategy is fashioned on placing the user first to maximize visibility.

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