The Rebirth Of LaGuardia Airport – $8 Billion Futuristic Airport

New York City is perhaps one of the most visited cities in the world and is pretty organized for the amount of tourism it sees every year. If you’ve been to New York before, you probably flew into one of two airports: John F. Kennedy International Airport and/or Newark Liberty International Airport. Little do people know though, that there is also a third airport that is just 13 kilometers from Manhattan, LaGuardia airport.

In fact, the airport sees about 30 million travelers each year and is often used for small business trips, commuting, and similar smaller flights. However, very few travelers and New Yorkers enjoy their trips through LaGuardia because of its antiquated and disorganized nature. Fortunately, though, the airport is about to be revamped. A major LaGuardia renovation is underway, and the aim is to have a futuristic-looking airport that will be accessible to every type of traveler.

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LaGuardia Airport – $8 Billion Futuristic Airport Hub

With the project’s digits already in the billions, the airport is looking to be completed by 2026, with possible early upgrades as early as 2019. Some of the biggest problems that New York’s third airport struggles with is its dated architecture. Just to name a few, travelers often complain about its dim lighting, few waiting areas, narrow hallways, and the fact that the terminals are not connected internally. Not to mention that there are very few boutiques and newspaper vendors, which for passengers today are as important as the flight itself.

In need of a fresh look and a definite upgrade, LaGuardia is looking at a whole new era. With an abundant budget and the desire to see the airport shine again, the renovation will be a delicate job. Fortunately, big names have stepped up to help the airport out.

With names like ex NBA star Magic Johnson and his Magic Johnson Enterprises stepping up to the plate, and the Port Authority backing it with 8 billion dollars, with the possibility of it reaching 12 billion, everyone wants to see New York’s oldest airport working efficiently. Delta Airlines is also fronting 3.4 billion dollars to the project and aims at becoming the principal airline working the flights.

With so many advocates wanting the airport to succeed, it’s exciting to think of what the future holds. Furthermore, another important addition to the airport’s success is the new train that will connect it to Manhattan. With buses and taxis as the only connection now, a train will surely increase the general accessibility to the airport.

With an idea of building a monorail AirTrain, travelers will be able to reach LaGuardia from the city and the subway system. A dream come true, the redevelopment is sure to bring the airport (opened in 1939) up to speed with its competitors.

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