Relevo: The Future Power Computer Fits In Your Pocket

We have been through this before. Everything is getting smaller and computers are not any different. We always try to cram more and more stuff into those tin cans we put on our laps or on our desks. How far can we go? What is the technology capable of producing? Well, it’s a no brainer really since technology always gets better and more advanced. There are ways to format a computer so that it is far less ordinary than anything that we have seen so far.

And that’s where Relevo comes in. It’s a new concept computer that is more powerful than your average computer, yet it fits in your pocket, screen and all. It is built upon the new technology brought to light by Sony. It’s a remarkable technology that will enable us to carry around computers that are 15″ and carry a punch similar to what you’d need for gaming.

The coolest part of it all is that you will be able to connect several computers into one. For example, connect two of these Relevo computers and you will have a 30″ screen. It doesn’t stop there. Connect as many as you want, and you will have yourself the illest computer on the block, including a bigger screen and better processing power. I think this concept is going to fit nicely into our everyday endeavors. The displays are certainly more than cool. Sony really did a good job on the technology as well.