Retro Arcade Game Pours A Beer For The Player Who Wins

The retro arcades of the ’80s will always hold a special place in our hearts. Those were the days when Mom would drop us off with a handful of quarters, and we played games all afternoon. Back then, 25 cents felt like a million dollars, and if you found a quarter on the floor that someone else dropped, it was like finding a piece of gold. Fast-forward to today…This Beercade retro arcade game is a tribute to the ’80s with a tasty twist.

This retro arcade game has been modded for beer lovers. Instead of coin slots, it has beer taps. When 2 players go at it, the winner is rewarded with a cold one. That’s right! Both players put their cups under the beer taps before the game starts. Whoever wins will automatically get his or her cup filled with beer. The loser goes away empty handed, and with an empty cup.

The Beercade was originally created for Big Boss Brewing Company by McKinney, a creative ad agency. According to YouTube, this beer-dispensing retro arcade game takes “the snore factor out of beer sampling.” McKinney keeps their employees feeling creative by encouraging them to devote 10% of their time at work to non-client related projects. What a great idea!

The lucky players who duke it out on this game play “The Last Barfighter.” The five different characters you can choose from are all named after Big Boss beers. You have just 3 rounds to beat the snot out of your contender in the bar scene, and if you are the lucky winner, you’ll walk away with a smile on your face and a cold beer in your hands. If the same 2 people play over and over, and if the same person keeps winning…well, let’s just say this could get even more interesting.

Retro Arcade Game Pours A Beer For The Player Who Wins


Via: [Engadget]