Retro Bakelite Phone: The True MP3 Player Speaker System!

I always wonder if there is anything out there at all that can actually rival the iPod in terms of sales and market share. I mean, I have honestly been to lazy to find out, but it seems as if Apple has pretty much monopolized this field. By the looks of it, that is not subject to change anytime soon either. However, they have yet to come up with a system that lets you play those songs that you have bought through their iTunes service out loud for your friends during parties.

Sure, there are a ton of docks and stereo systems out there that work together with the iPod, but I think I have found the only cool and retro one that will make every other system fade in comparison. And, what is most important is that this system will never (and I mean NEVER) biodegrade, EVER!

It’s the brilliant minds of Jinsop Lee and Justin Kim that put together the only mp3 speaker system worthy of Henry Dreyfus awesome phones that have been used for over 50 years now. Since they are literally indestructible, they have been buried in landfills due to the minimal use they now carry. However, this whole new idea from these fellows should bring that all up again. Just a word of advice, don’t go planting grass on that landfill cause those phones will be dug up before you know it! Awesomeness guaranteed!