RM Ricomax – The Must-Buy Metal Detector For Beginners And Experts Alike [Review]

Metal detectors have been around a long time, helping countless people develop a lifetime hobby and find some fantastic treasure along the way. Yet, despite their longevity and popularity, finding the right detector for the right price can be a struggle.

The market is absolutely flooded with the things – each with sometimes vastly different capabilities, features, operating modes, and price points. It’s enough to confuse anybody, but especially those new to metal detecting, which makes the entry point to the hobby way higher than necessary.

Finding good recommendations and reviews is beyond essential then, and we think we have one that’ll be both the perfect first detector for beginners and a great go-to option for long-time hobbyists alike. Insert the RM Ricomax.

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About The RM Ricomax

The RM Ricomax is a neat little gadget in an eye-catching black and yellow package. As you’d hope from the topic at hand, it’s a competitively-priced metal detector from a relatively young brand that somehow manages to hang with the big dogs on the market. One part the result of design, and one part from the inclusion of features usually reserved for higher-end options; it offers a smart balance no matter your unique needs.

Nearly every major metal type is accounted for here, with the metal detector including the ability to search for around seven separate materials, including those from the more ordinary like iron to the rare like gold. It’s a solid range for such a newbie-friendly find, and the detecting range offers similarly impressive results with an approximately 10-inch depth.

Look at the reviews, and you’ll find literally hundreds of customers who adore the RM Ricomax, and it’s easy to see why. Function is central to every part of its design. Even its form has been made to compliment the device’s practicality, something visible in its inclusion of a high-quality LCD screen, super lightweight yet sturdy plastic construction, and handy accessories package.

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Important Features

For as nice as all these are, they’re still arguably pretty basic things. They undoubtedly make the Ricomax a better choice than many of its competitors, but they’re not quite enough to sell it over the rest. That’s where the main features come into play and looking over them? Yeah, they make a persuasive argument that this metal detector is one of the best buys available today.

Perhaps the most critical feature is one we’ve already mentioned - the range of searchable metals. Toggle through the settings, and you’ll find that the RM Ricomax has a grand total of six detection modes. These separate toggleable options allow you to detect iron, nickel, aluminum, zinc, copper, silver, and gold.

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So, pretty much any metal you can think of is represented, allowing you plenty of chances to find treasure wherever you’re searching. With this broad scope, we’d honestly be surprised if you ever came up empty. That alone helps the RM Ricomax deserve a solid rating, but this metal detector still has some other tricks up its sleeve.

One of our personal favorites? Surprisingly enough, it’s actually waterproof, meaning that you can take it to the shore edge and not worry about the tide rolling in a bit.

Of course, trying to submerge it into an especially deep body of water is definitely not something we (or the company behind it) would recommend since detection can’t work at those depths anyway. But the detector’s IP68-rating is top of the line and should give you all the peace of mind you need to use it at the river, the beach, or in the rain when you just can’t stand to be inside anymore.

We’d consider these two of the metal detector’s most significant draws, although there are other awesome points that deserve an honorable mention.

For example, we can’t help but call out its easy controls, headphone jack, straightforward but readable display, and industry-leading DSP chip. They’re not the obvious things you’d bring attention to; however, they add an additional layer to the Ricomax’s impressive quality and construction and make using the metal detector that much simpler.

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Purchase Price & Value

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a theme emerging when you take a look at the Ricomax’s prominent features, and it’s that they’re way - like, way - out of their usual price range. Take, for example, its IP68 waterproof rating.

Do a little research, and you’ll find that kind of waterproofing is relatively rare in the metal detector world. Sure, it’s not necessarily unheard of, but it’s usually something reserved for more expensive models.

To have this built-in to a metal detector, you’ll frequently see sold for less than $150 is a major upgrade. That adds a lot of bang to your buck, ultimately making the RM Ricomax a much wiser purchase than one of the big brand detectors offering the same thing at a much higher price tag. Looks like frugality sometimes does pay off after all.

This sort of value extends to nearly everything else about this product, too. Wherever you turn, it’s evident that a lot has been packed into a fairly cheap package. 10” underground detection depths, advanced coil tech, useful DISC and NOTCH modes, good adjustability, and a nice hyper-digital display - all of these combined make the RM Ricomax feel like a premium setup rather than a budget detector, and that garners some major brownie points in our book.

Overall, we think that this more recent entry into the metal detector market is one of the most solid you’ll find - regardless of who you are. Whether you’re just getting started or are an old pro looking for a replacement detector that won’t break the bank, the RM Ricomax should be the first product on your radar. It’s got all the features you should looking for at an affordable cost, and you can’t ask for much more than that.

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