RollPhone: The Geekiest New Cell Phone Concept To Date!

When cell phones were first introduced back in the day, it was a thing of beauty and class, a sign of great status and success. However, now it’s pretty much a birth right. We have seen our share of successful designs, but also ones that weren’t quite as successful. We’ve seen everything from designs that tickle our need for more, designs inspired by movies and designs that incorporate cell phones into watches and… yeah you name it. We’ve seen pretty much everything you can think of.

However, I think few can rival the RollPhone. It’s the geekiest mind child ever conceived, and it is built and inspired by a dream of not having to buy expensive cell phone batteries that are custom made for your phone model only. It’s also built upon the concept of a phone that is as portable as can be, to save physical space, but not on the screen.

The phone may not be the most beautiful one, but it incorporates the old papyrus roll theme, and it does it with holographic nanotech screen technology that is sure to be one of the coolest and geekiest user interfaces so far. When Tao Ma, the designer and creator of this idea, sat down to create it, I wonder what his ultimate inspiration was. To me, it seems like it was a roll of camera film, but the phone is nonetheless very inspiring and innovative.