Running Short On Friends? – Maybe “CleverBot” Is For You!

Sitting in front of the computer too often can truly deplete the number of real life friends that you might have collected since you went to school. Those best friends of yours could have changed from being real to just words on the screen, if even that. Some people actually experience a total collapse in friends when they spend too much time in front of an online game or excessive computer work for example.

Well, not to worry. It’s all good, and it’s only for a limited time. Usually we find new friends or just pick up where we left off before we went into our bubble of computer time. However, it’s during the time you’re all into your computer endeavor that you might experience the silence of the web. There is, of course, a solution for that.

There is a new search engine in town. It’s called CleverBot, and it is actually a new breed. It’s intelligent, and has it’s own growing artificial intelligence. What this means is that you can actually talk to it, and it will talk back to you. It even learns and teaches itself to answer so that it becomes more and more human. The longer we use this search engine, the more human like it will become. Of course, it’s not too human like yet, but it still produces some really interesting results.

Besides, it’s a great companion during work, and it gives a new perspective while working. It’s rather fun to search for things, and it will actually have it’s own avatar that speaks back to you and also shows you emotions and facials while doing it. So, if you’re running out of friends and need someone to talk to, just give CleverBot a try. You’ll find that search engines no longer produce boring and static results. The more we use it, the better the artificial intelligence will be.

(The blue text is CleverBot conversating, the black is me)