Screw The McFly Sneakers: These LED Ones Are Much Cooler

The new Nike Air Mags have gotten quite a lot of media coverage and for good reason. When I saw that Nike was actually going to release those badboys, I was overly excited but heartbroken at the same time. I mean, the first pair went for what…  $37,500! They are certainly going to become collectors items, and it would be cool to have a pair to add to my collection of awesome shoes. So far I have… let’s see… ZERO shoes in that category, but as I see it, it’s never too late to start collecting, right? I think I wrote about these shoes over a year ago (the original movie ones), and now they have come true. Now what about my hoverboard article I wrote about a year ago as well? What’s the progress on that? Anyone?

Honestly, I would say screw those Air Mags for now. What cool would they bring on the dance floor at the club anyway? I mean, there is barely enough light on those to make people notice them. Nah, I think a better investment would totally be the LED Sneakers created by Creative Recreation and conceptualized by designer Moritz Waldemeyer. They have the early ’80s feel a’la Michael Jackson, and they would definitely put you on the map in the club.

These shoes sport some rather interesting thin motherboard styled paneling on the leather shoe where the LED lights are attached. You just stick a couple of batteries on there, and you are all good to go. Just make sure you know how to dance because these things are sure not going to do that for you. And, if you thought you could bring the cool with these shoes only, I am sad to tell you that you are totally wrong. These shoes are made to be worn/used and not displayed. I wouldn’t mind gliding into a gaming conference wearing these. Totally badass!

LED Sneakers By Creative Recreation

LED Sneakers By Creative Recreation