Second Life: Transparent Cell Phone Adds A Second Perspective

Apparently there are people out there that are very excited about the see-through (transparent) cell phone concept ideas. So much so that the idea has grown into a full movement where people are trying to make it a reality. It’s easier said than done though. The technology of plotting pixels on a solid transparent sheet isn’t exactly easy, but the effort is far more environmentally friendly than the current option we are using. The main idea behind the see-through cell phone is to save power and make the phone last longer.

A truly inspiring concept idea comes from the designers Cho Sinhyung & Jeon Jungjae who have a second perspective on the idea of creating and developing cell phones out of a sheet of transparent material. They want to use something called E-Ink that will alert you when power is low. The phone does so by becoming ever less transparent as the less power remains.

Even though this concept revolves around the usage and the ultimate power consumption, it’s also a step closer to realizing the idea of a transparent cell phone. We can only speculate if it will become a hit among consumers and if giants like Apple, Nokia and Sony/Ericsson would indulge in the idea and create their own breed of transparent cell phones.