Sesame Street In Badass Beastie Boys Style

I can’t get enough of this video. I grew up watching the Beastie Boys on MTV (back in the days when they used to play music videos). I’m sure it’s no accident that this was released on vimeo three days ago which was the same day the Beastie Boys debuted their Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win 11 minute video.

This is definitely not your ordinary puppet rap mash-up. The editing is fabulous. Combine that with Elmo, Grover, Oscar and Cookie Monster and you have the makings of a video that I think could even be better than a Beastie Boys original. It has waaaaaaay more views than the new Beastie Boys video also.

These cute muppets are obviously performing the Beastie classic hit “Sure Shot.” This little badboy was created by Wonderful Creative. They recently upgraded to FCPX, and they were just practicing using it when they made this. I want to know how they made their mouths move so perfectly. I wonder how look it took to make this… Sesame Street was never this cool when I was little! #hellafun

Grover Cookie Monster Beastie Boys

Oscar The Grouch Beastie Boys

Grover Doing Beastie Boys Rap

Via: [dudecraft]