Seven Things To Consider While Streaming On Your Android Device

Streaming services have long replaced the traditional channel or cable subscriptions. The idea of waiting for an episode to air and then suffering from the nuisance of ads seems unimaginable now but was a reality just a few years back. According to, Entertainment is all about streaming, and this trend is here to stay.

As entertainment is becoming more accessible, the population embraces the concept of portable entertainment that can fit in your pockets. Yes, we are talking about streaming on smartphones, especially on android devices. Be it the shows, streaming apps, or multiple VPNs to unblock geo-restriction – everything is at your fingertips,

Whether it is Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, or HBO Max – streaming sites use psychological concepts, data sciences, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to retain their existing customers and attract new ones.

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There are few points to consider for enjoying seamless and uninterrupted streaming when it comes to utilizing the best streaming services on android devices. Here are few pointers that will help you in the longer run.

1. Invest In High-Speed Internet

The essential requirement to smooth and buffering-free streaming on an android device is a high-speed internet connection. If the internet is slow, so is the streaming. Specific internet speed is required to stream content. Netflix describes the internet speed required for the classification of the streaming video quality.

A speed test can be instrumental in testing the speed of your internet connection. If the results do not match the provided requirements – you need to try a different internet connection. As internet speed provide the basis for a streaming experience – you need to work to get a more substantial base.

2. Install Streaming Apps

Rather than going for the website for streaming, it is always recommended to download the app on your device in Android devices. Visiting the website every time you want to stream a show is a nuisance, and you don’t have to suffer from it.

Downloading the streaming app can help you enjoy the content easily. The overall experience will be positive, without any hassles. You can bookmark the shows you would like to watch in the future. Easy access to the content is one of the significant reasons you should install the streaming apps.

3. Ignore Malicious Website

One of the major dilemmas associated with browsing different websites to watch your favorite show is malware, websites designed specifically to harm the user. The harm can be in the form of automatic download of automatic software designed to steal personal data or attack the system with a virus.

Some malicious websites are a hub for Android ransomware where your device data is stolen, and you will be asked for ransom to get the data back. Whatever the reason is – using a trusted website is the only solution to deal with this problem.

4. Upgrade to Android 5

When it comes to smooth streaming on an android device, you will need to update the device to at least version 5. Most ransomware and malware websites hit the android devices running on Android KitKat (4.4.4), affecting android TV boxes. For the sake of protection from these malware – update your android device to version 5, so the threat of ransomware can be controlled.

5. Stream On Smart TV Via Casting

Casting can be a lifesaver when it comes to streaming content from your smartphone to Smart TV. A casting device allows the user to share content from one device to another. It is one of the best methods for android users to enjoy their favorite shows on a larger screen with a wireless transfer. It is users to watch movies, web series, and YouTube content on a larger screen. Here are the simple steps that can help you to connect the casting device to the TV.

  1. Use the same Wi-Fi device to connect the TV and casting device.
  2. Open the streaming app and choose your favorite show.
  3. Search for the casting options within the app.
  4. Select the casting option.
  5. Now your device is connected to the Smart TV.

6. Unblock Regional Restriction With A VPN

If you are paying for a streaming service, why not get your money’s worth. The streaming giants often use geo-restriction to control the content options available for streaming in a specific region. Geo-restriction is an attempt of streaming sites to follow licensing agreements and copyright laws.

A VPN is the perfect solution to unlock every content option available on streaming sites. As your virtual location is changed after connecting to a VPN server, streaming giants cannot locate your actual IP, and you are shown the content choices based on your current virtual location.

For instance, if you are in Canada but connect to the US server of a VPN, you will access the American library, and this is how you pinch every penny.

7. Stream Live Events Through Authentic Website

Whenever you want to stream live events, select an authentic website. Search for the channel websites or access from the link shared on the official Twitter account. A shady website will either annoy you with pop-up ads or steal your data by installing software or ransomware.


Android devices are considered a go-to option whenever you are in the mood to stream your favorite content. Whether it is an android smartphone or smart TV, you cannot go wrong with this selection. Now you know the basics of streaming on the android app; all left to do is relax. Happy streaming!

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