Smart Window From Samsung Will Reinvent Your World View

If you are used to looking out through your window and seeing the gorgeous landscape, cityscape or whatever scape you see, you might consider doing a little bit more of it because soon it will probably all change. What I mean is that soon I am pretty sure all of our windows are going to be switched into interactive screens which we can modify, play movies on and do pretty much anything we can currently do on a computer. Once it’s time to shut the blinds, we will simply do it like we always have. Yup, that is exactly how tomorrow’s smart windows are going to work. They will pretty much be a touchscreen transparent window through which you can see your reality and what you are working on all at the same time.

As a matter of fact, Samsung recently demoed their new smart window, and it spawned some great interest form the crowd. It’s such a neat invention and I really think it will catch on, if not as our regular windows then at least as windows inside hospitals (for example) separating patients from each other and so forth. It’s a great way to be able to pull up data and images about the patient and still have sunlight come through to the patient at the entrance of the room. But then again, we have the problem with privacy and all that. Maybe they can make it black on one side and still have it be transparent from the other side depending on which side of the window you touch the screen. It would just require pure brainstorming of course.

The transparent LCD smart window was demoed during the 2012 Las Vegas CES convention. After seeing the short video clip demonstrating it, I immediately came to think about the editor’s cut of the movie Aliens. We get to see a glimpse of Ellen Ripley sitting in a room that seems to be connected to a forest, but it was of course all fake and created by a projection on a wall. So what do you think, will smart windows become tomorrow’s big hit? Is there a future for smart windows in our homes? Will smart windows replace the windows we are used to today?

Samsung’s Transparent LCD Smart Window Demo


Via: [CNET] Header Image: [Samsung USA]