Sock Streetlights: Let Your Feet Show You The Way

I was surprised when I found this interesting concept design. Why surprised? Well, I never thought I would see anything remotely like it to be honest. Either it’s the stupidest thing ever conceived or the best thing that could ever have graced our feet. Even though it will undoubtedly change the way we use light when we walk, run or jog outside when it’s dark, it’s still quite a radical idea. Imagine a pedestrian having these lights on their feet while walking on the side of a dark road. The oncoming car is sure to wonder what the heck it is… that is until we’ve all grown accustom to what it is that is approaching.

Just slip on these socks enhanced with lights called Private Light and you will be walking home on a lit path, no matter how dark it is outside. If it is good or bad, I don’t know. For women, it’s undoubtedly good since they will scare away sexual predators. Even joggers and exercisers around the world will probably find these quite handy since they will be able to workout, even at night. However, there is a down side to these also. By slipping these on, you could make yourself a target for predators as well if you’re on a lonely road or street.

Boyoung Joo Park, the designer of these radical socks, has sure struck a chord that will excite a lot of people, but he has also raised a lot of questions. I think it is a wonderful idea, and it will solve a lot of problems, but I still think it’s a way to sway the user into a false sense of security. But then again, maybe its use is purely for exercising and not for party queens on their way home in their high heels, or maybe it’s for people who want to play football in the dark. I don’t know. Hmm, so what do you think? Would you use them?