Sony Unveils Genius Roll-Up OLED Screen Of The Future!

There is a race going on between the manufacturers of TVs and displays. The one to first deliver something unique and inspirational for us all to look at is probably going to win the market and earn billions of dollars. Satisfying customers today isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. You have to stretch the boundaries of what is possible and imagine the unthinkable concepts of tomorrow. If you don’t look into the future, you are going to get squashed by the other giants on the market.

What looks like a huge step forward and a leap ahead of the rest is Sony’s new concept OLED screen. The technology behind it is remarkable and it will most definitely ensure a pole position for Sony in the race to find the next awesome display for the world. It’s not just any screen either. They have managed to create something far beyond what anyone has previously been able to imagine. Their newly unveiled roll-up screen is a thing of beauty and wonderment.

As the images and clip shows, it will enable us to roll up our display and stash it away when we don’t need it, much like the screen of a projector. You just roll it up and it’s gone. This will ensure a far better resolution and stability and the incorporations are enormous. Imagine having your own bracelet with this kind of technology. It would mean that you can watch movies right there on your wrist or even add it to a t-shirt design and you are all ready to go. Hmm, this could be used for so many more things than just that. What about an entire wall of it… enabling you to switch to a new wallpaper without even having to call a painter…