Spaceship Shower – Just Fold It Up When Not In Use!

The earth is quickly becoming over populated, and space is soon something that no one will be taking for granted. With this comes smaller and smaller living spaces and solutions to make sure we make the most out of the small space we are allowed to have. It’s clear that manufacturers of home interior design and home appliances are trying to find a way for us to store away what once took up half a room, with good reason too. We have come to love space, and whatever we can do to make more space at home we’ll do it if our wallet permits it.

A French company has created what must be the smallest shower cubicle fit into a household without making the actual shower smaller. Yeah, I know, it sounds a bit tricky, but it’s in fact exactly what they managed to do. The shower itself folds up like something taken from the ISS or a sci-fi movie a’la Fifth Element.

What this highly alien inspired contraption will cost is beyond what I have been able to find, but I am sure if you really want one in your home, then you are most likely to find it at the official website. However, be prepared, if you don’t know any French just ask someone to translate it for you or use Google as your interpreter. The world is getting smaller and so are our living quarters. It all sounds so futuristic.