How To Switch Loyalties From iPhone To Galaxy Within Minutes [Video]

If you have fallen for the temptress that the latest Samsung Galaxy is, and are wondering how to break the news to your loyal friend, the iPhone, you have come to the right place. Mind you, there may be tears involved, but you will still be able to transfer all your data from the iPhone to Galaxy quite painlessly. But hurry, your decision to switch smartphones will break your iPhone’s heart so you must retrieve all your stuff before it self-destructs! Unfortunately, for this process, you will need to bring the two smartphones face to face, so brace yourself for some drama.

First of all, sign up for a Google account on your new phone and ensure that all your iPhone data is backed up. [pullquote]Now, get ready to enter the magical world of Android apps.[/pullquote] Samsung provides the useful Smart Switch app which makes the data transfer between smartphones completely hassle free. The chances are that you are new to an Android phone and have no clue how to go about this. Fret not; it is just the press of a few buttons! Just go to the Google Play Store and search for the Smart Switch app, click install, and you are good to go. It seriously couldn’t be a more straightforward than that. In minutes you will be calling yourself an Android user.

When you launch the app, it will ask you whether you want to transfer wirelessly or through a USB cable. If you are a hoarder of cables and adapters, then USB is the way to go. Just connect a lightning cable to your iPhone and plug the other end into an adapter that goes into the USB port of the Galaxy. Once the phones are connected, the iPhone will try to raise doubts in your mind regarding your decision to switch smartphones. It will explicitly ask you whether you can really trust this Galaxy phone, be firm and stick with your new choice, press Yes on the iPhone and let it die a slow death.

Press Next on the Galaxy, it will search for the content on your iPhone to look for the darkest secrets from your past. It will then display all the data, and you can select what good stuff you want to transfer to your Galaxy and what painful memories you want to leave behind on the iPhone. Once you have selected the categories, you want to keep, press transfer and give the Galaxy a few minutes to suck the life out of your iPhone. This could take a little longer if the size of the data is quite large, about an hour in some cases. Once the transfer is done, your Galaxy will also give you the option to install the Android versions of the apps that you had on your iPhone. You couldn’t ask for a more accommodating smartphone, could you?

If you do not have a wide assortment of cables and adapters then simply go for the wireless option and follow the same steps after logging into your iCloud account on your Galaxy phone. Of course, you will need a backup of all your iPhone data on your iCloud account first. This is literally child’s play. Had you known that switching from iPhone to Galaxy would be so easy, you wouldn’t have lived an unsatisfactory life for so long. Anyway, say your final goodbye to the iPhone, you are officially a phone philanderer now! – For more useful tutorials click here.

How To Switch From iPhone To Galaxy In Minutes

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