SymGym Adds A Full-Body Exercise Controller To Your Video Games

Gamers have always been looked at as unhealthy and non-social. That has changed a lot in the last few years and with games like Pokémon GO that is likely to be wiped out entirely. However, there is an even better way for gamers to get their exercise in without having to pause or stop the game that they are playing. The solution is called SymGym and is likely to become a fad among gamers.

The SymGym is a full-body exercise controller that enables you to get a good workout in without interrupting your gaming session. The machine looks very similar to the equipment that you would normally find in a gym, and that is a good thing. There is nothing more annoying than working out with equipment that looks weird or out of place. Believe me; there are a lot of workout gear our there that is both awkward and embarrassing.

Sure, it wouldn’t even be fair not mentioning that when using the SymGym gaming controller you will look funny. But then again, in my humble opinion, everything that involves working out looks weird to me.

[pullquote]What’s cool about the SymGym is that it even incorporates multiplayer.[/pullquote] Yup, that’s right! Just connect your performances together using your smartphones and you will get real-time updates on how each one of you is doing. Now that is competitive exercising on steroids! I personally really love this feature and would get the SymGym just because of it.

What I have found is that when working out with other people you are maximizing your performance and thus get results fast. Working out alone is not only boring, but it lacks the extra adrenaline that I have always found necessary.

A price for the SymGym is yet to be decided. However, the company behind this product says a gym session on this bad boy would cost approximately $15.00. A little bit steep, I know, but depending on the results, might be worth it. What do you think? Would you rather use the SymGym than any other machine in the gym? Let us know in the comment section below.

SymGym – Working Out While Playing Games

SymGym Video Game Controller

SymGym Video Game Controller

SymGym Video Game Controller