Technology: The Next Generation Baby Monitor Is Here

Most people I know who have a baby also have a baby monitor. Here in this country, they’ve become a standard piece of equipment to have when welcoming a new baby home. I remember when my son was born ten years ago; a baby monitor consisted of a plastic box that sat on top of the dresser in the baby’s room. Then, the small receiver, which by the way was horrible quality, could be carried around the house. If I was lucky, I could sometimes hear what was happening in that room. Most of the time, I just heard interference or the neighbors talking in the house next door.

Back then, I remember my mother telling me, “You are so lucky to have that. When you were little, there was no such thing as baby monitors.” Well mom, guess what? The next generation baby monitors are here, and they are going to blow your mind! Withings just announced at CES 2011 their newest creative invention which is a baby monitor that syncs to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, eBook or laptop. It transmits video or pictures of your baby which are taken with a 3-megapixel camera and an extra wide lens. However, that’s not even the coolest part of this new gadget.

In addition to checking on the wellbeing of your baby, you’ll also be able to check the temperature and music in the room and adjust them, all from your portable device. It even comes equipped with infrared LEDs so you can see your baby when the room is dark (night vision). Ahh… hello… why didn’t I think of that? This is brilliant! You can even set your device to ring an alarm if there are unusual movements in the room like an intruder or a babysitter. Last but not least, it has a mic and a speaker so you can talk or sing to your baby from downstairs or across town and put her gently back to sleep. I can’t get over how cool this is. This new gadget will be available on the Withings website beginning in March for about $200.

[via The Review Crew, Chip Chick]