The Art Of Knowing Where Your Light Switches Are

When working with something creative like drawing, designing, doodling or writing, it’s important to have good lighting where you are seated. There are several rules and guides for how to set up efficient lighting that will not cause you to pay extra attention to things around you or strain your eyes just because you can’t see what the heck you are doing because it’s too dark. For example, if you have a monitor in front of you, it’s a good idea to put a light source behind the monitor to take away attention from the monitors lighting. Why? Well, they say it is because the eye then doesn’t have to take in all it’s light from the light source directly in front you, which will cause the eye to feel strained and overworked.

However, what if you can’t even find the light switches? Or, if you don’t even know which button is for what lamp? It’s a horrifying experience and can cause quite a traumatic time if you happen to push the wrong button and the wrong lamp is turned on. Yeah I know, wouldn’t that just be terrible!

Designers Heo Jaesik and Lim Hojoont certainly thought so when they started designing this quite elaborate light switch. If installed, it’s definitely an upgrade from the old, boring and pesky button switches that usually come with the apartment and house you happen to move in to. Those days are over and you can now geekify your crib and make it one big replica a’la Star Trek with a huge light switch board showing exactly where and what lamp you pushed, what lamp is on and not etc… If you ask me, it’s just a big geekification of something that should have been invented eons ago. I like it! Where do I sign up? Or do you need a voice activated login first…?