The Bionic Mouse: Fashionable Extension Of Your Hand

I get so tired of these “normal” and “usual” designs for the mouse. They always come in this bulging lump of plastic with a sensor underneath and a couple of buttons pinching the roller wheel. It’s like we never evolved the device after we found a working concept. Maybe it is because people are too used to the whole thing and just won’t venture into uncharted territory. In my honest opinion, we need a breath of fresh air in this field.

That’s just what designer Damien Crossan has been able to conceptualize. The idea is to create a device that extends the hand in a fashionable manner. No longer do we need those black or gray plastic bubbles on our table. This idea is far more creative and it’s tickling the designer sense within me.

The style and look of it reminds me of a sci-fi (yet again) device, but it’s way more simple to use. By the look of it, it looks far more comfortable than an ordinary mouse as well. Working in Photoshop, for example, would be nothing but inspiring with a mouse like this. Tracking and clicking remains the same (almost) since the buttons are located at the very same places however, as said, in a way more fashionable way. I totally give this my Awesomeness Defined seal of approval!