The Coffee Table Any Geek Would Love!

Sometimes it can be hard for an über geek to fashion his or her living quarters in the perfect way to deliver the statement that they are just that, a geek. Going to IKEA won’t do it really. Looking for geeky stuff at the local interior design store won’t work either. There’s way too much “fashion” in those things to pimp out a master geeks lair. It would ruin your wallet as well, which is probably not something you want to do when you could spend all that hard earned money on something shiny and new.

There are still ways to make sure you make people understand you position in this world, and one way would be to create something close to this motherboard coffee table. With a bunch of “stuff” some geek decided to create what could only be described as the holy grail of coffee tables, at least, if you’re a geek.

Incorporated into the table are also LED lights to light up the room in the most geeky way possible. I can’t imagine anyone walking into that room and not saying anything about that table. No doubt it will be the focal point of the evening, and I am sure everyone would wanna know exactly where each of those little green plates came from. I am sure I would!