The Future Of Touchscreen Technology Is More Than Awesome!

Sometimes living in Sweden can be quite an inspiration if I may be so bold and patriotic to say that. I bet there are a lot of people out there that keep wondering what might come after this huge boom of touchscreens that we see on pretty much every device released on the market these days. Well, if you have a bit of imagination and dare to dream a little, you might come up with something like this.

From the interface brain champions over at the Swedish geek headquarters of The Astonishing Tribe comes a stunning and truly inspiring new technology that I am sure plenty of people will find really appealing. It’s an entirely new way of using your devices with plenty of new features.

Using the legendary nano-technology, we will soon be able to create devices that are way more advanced than our brains can comprehend. The hand gestures are exchanged for some rather awesome pulling and pushing maneuvers. You will literally be able to increase the screen size of your device by dragging the gadget just like modeling clay. At least if we are heading for something in the vicinity of what these badboys have managed to brainstorm. It’s simply amazing! Not to mention state of the art beautiful!