The Honda That Travels At The Speed Of Light!

Any Star Wars fan (and, of course, any sci-fi fan) knows that light speed is the shizzle that’s not yet possible, for humans that is. However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t keep trying until we figure it out. As a matter of fact, there are several institutions and scientists that are working on the problem on a daily basis. Progress has to be made with small steps since security is the main concern. I don’t think anyone would want to try it out only to turn into a disassembled chunk of atoms with no way of telling people about it. But despite the dream, and the millions of trials and errors it takes to get there, people just don’t seem to be able to put aside their dreams of imagining it until we get it to work.

That’s the case with this Honda Fit owner. I take it that he or she is a huge Star Wars fan who found a way to make his or her Honda to travel at the speed of light, at least in theory that is. With a few modifications to the rear mirror, the car is constantly traveling faster than everyone else on the freeway. The bonus is really that from the outside it looks like it has the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

Who does this sticker modified Honda Fit belong to? I haven’t been able to figure that out but it’s off the hook. Adding color to that sticker and still making it transparent from the inside would make it even more awesome. But this thing is probably making heads turn already so I guess it’s geek worthy nonetheless. It’s an awesome Honda mod, and I can only imagine what these people will add to it next. Maybe side thrusters, neutron laser turrets… well you tell me. Oh, and does anyone know where to get this sticker?

Via: [BuzzFeed]