The iPad Controlled Beer Keg: For Geeky Beer Lovers

This must be my lucky day! I love beer and I love iPads, so this is like my dream come true. Long story short, a team of extremely geeky Yelp engineers built this iPad-controlled kegbot.

This snazzy little contraption measures the beer flow, displays info about the beer, keeps track of who has been drinking the beer, measures the beer temperature and allows the drinker to rate the beer. The interface is really nice too. If you have to leave the party for a moment, no worries, you can even log into a website to check all the beer stats on your iPad kegbot in real time.

The hardware basically consists of a bunch of sensors, including a RFID card reader since each drinker must swipe their approved RFID card before it will dispense the beer (this is a great way for geeks to keep the jocks from drinking all the beer). Check out the demo below. You can get more specifics about how to build one of these here. Oh yeah baby, that’s what I’m talkin about!

[via bonappetit]