The iPhone 4G Saga: The True Story [Video]

No matter where you turn or where you go there is talk about that poor dude Gray Powell pretty much everywhere. Not only does he have to answer to Apple, he’s a well recognized man at this point and has been contacted by pretty much every newspaper and magazine that you can think of. It doesn’t stop there. Lufthansa has apparently published a public letter to Gray Powell telling him that they will give him a free business class flight to Germany to get away from things. Whether or not he answered is not yet known, but you can imagine that Mr. Powell would want to ditch things right about now.

To keep up with the story as it develops can be challenging since there are rumors going around everywhere. Not only over at Gizmodo, but pretty much on every single little blog. Therefore, this guy named Jon Quched from TehkSeven has created a video of the true events that were reported by Gizmodo and thus making it a little bit easier to follow everything. If you were to read up about it, it could take you a while so this reenactment provides a faster way to get the whole story as told by Gizmodo themselves.

Always remember though, there are still people out there, even Apple (yeah this one’s a shocker), that say that the iPhone found and dissected is only a prototype and was used to quote “try things out.” Whether it is the real and final design of Apple’s next generation iPhone is of course information withheld by Apple themselves.

At the present time, Apple has their device again and what’s left are only the remains of it in the form of photos and videos. This little device has become a holy grail of gadgets and there is no end to the rumors going around. There is even a rumor that there is a second device on the loose which has yet to find its way back to the Apple headquarters. This one might be a little harder for Apple to retrieve though me thinks…