The Most Accurate Flying Vehicle Ever!

Ever taken a cross Atlantic flight? Well, let me tell you… it can be quite bumpy but also quite smooth. As soon as you enter the jet stream in the sky, you’re flowing along like you were on the ground. I guess you know that already. It’s the landings that always mess me up. I have had a couple of incidents that I thought… well it was fun being alive. Wind can certainly mess up a good flight and make it a horrible almost nightmarish experience.

That’s why the people at the GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania are researching better and more accurate ways to travel in the sky. Their progress is nothing but extraordinary and amazing. They have managed to create a vehicle that is capable of flying extremely accurately and still maintain its stability. Watching their research video made me want to sit in one and try it out. Of course, it’s only in the concept and prototype stage still, so there is not an actual vehicle that you can climb into just yet.

However, their technology is far superior to anything I have ever seen, and it’s sure to turn heads over at the largest airline companies. Even the military will be interested, I am sure, in such a technology… however sad that may be. The fact is that this technology, using quad rotors, is such a leap in aviation that I wonder what kind of vessels we’ll be seeing soon. Maybe even private flying cars… who knows. Time to start taking parachute lessons I take it…