The OO Projector | Projecting The Future and Beyond

If it is possible to fall in love with a projector I just have. The color and shape of it is nothing less than beauty and the sexy remote control doesn’t make the concept any less appealing. Until now projectors have been quite a bulky business with square like shapes and odd features. But that is about to change quite soon and the designer behind it, David Riesenberg is the one that first will guide the way.

“OO”, which is the name of his new invention, is about to take the market with storm. With captivating crarity and futuristic features the new projector is nothing less than a design feature in your living room with a ton of entertainment ready to be shared.

It has wifi built in which will enable you to send movies or any other type of content right from your computer without having to deal with pesky and ugly cables and stuff. And I mean NO CABLES. The “OO” has a built in state of the art battery which will ensure up to 3 hours of operation before a recharge has to be done. More than enough to watch most movies and still not having to “install” it. If the urge be that of watching movies from your bed, well just take the “OO” under your arm and place it there. No need for cables or anything like that.

The “OO” also has SSD internal storage room that will come in handy on your trips for example. No more bringing a bag full of DVDs or other media. Simply load up your content into the SSD and be gone. The remote is something taken from the future as well. Fully equipped with the latest “iPhone” visuals and functions. Nothing short of awesomeness defined.

Oh, and do I need to point out that it looks like it has taken ALL it’s inspiration from the spaceships in “War of The Worlds”…