The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors [Infographic]

Simplifying SEO is as hard as trying to make a pocket-sized schematic of a computer. Sure, you can do it, but it takes a lot of work and you need to stay dedicated to it for a long time. That is exactly the case with SEO. You have to know what you are doing and try new things. Sometimes things just won’t work out, and that is why trial and error is so important. If things don’t turn out favorable for your site then refine and redo. That is the only way to rank higher when people are searching for things in your niche. I could sit here all day long for a whole month just writing articles about search engine optimization, and I would still not deplete the bottomless hole of factors. However, there are some things that can simplify things quite a lot.

In order to understand SEO a little better, and maybe get you exposed to the things you need to do and should never do, I have found an infographic in the form of a periodic table that will show you which factors do what. This infographic called The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors is a design created by Column Five Media (in association with Search Engine Land). It was created to make it just a little bit easier for everyone to identify the positive and negative effects of some SEO factors that you should and shouldn’t do on your website.

If you look at this periodic system, you can see that some things are ranked with a +3 which means that it has the heaviest impact on your SEO ranking. The -3 is what impacts your website in the most negative way. If you get around to fixing all these factors, you will find that you will quickly start gaining ranking and more traffic will be directed to your website soon, but that is not the end of it.

There are of course a lot of other things that when considered collectively mean a lot to your ranking as well. Even though they aren’t displayed on this periodic table, they are still quite important if you want to reach the ultimate ranking. So keep working on your SEO, find a few tools that might help you answer the most crucial questions about what might be need to be tweaked on your website, and then fix them one by one. Before you know it, you will have a great understanding of what SEO is all about and how you can keep increasing the different factors that might end up putting you in the top spot of the search results.

It’s not easy, and it will never be. It’s not for nothing that there are thousands people at companies out there who work exclusively on these things everyday. Some people even call themselves SEO gurus for example, which is a term that we here at Bit Rebels are not really fond of. Just keep asking people about it, read up on it, and try to get a better understanding about what is going on under the hood of your website, and I promise you that your ranking will increase gradually. Start out with this periodic table and work your way up from there. It’s a great start!

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