The Pick-Apart Hard Drive Is A Partitioner’s Dream!

Right now I am sitting here with 3 stacked up Porsche external hard drives and not a single GB left to store on them. They are all filled with graphics, ideas and what have you. Sometimes I wish I could just reach into each of those drives and fast and easily extract exactly what I wanted without having to copy, move or do anything at all to get a bit of space for further file storing. However, with today’s hard drives, that process isn’t exactly streamlined. I have many times wondered why we are still just adding space and not functionality to a technology that has been available for so many years now. I mean, how complicated can it be to partition a hard drive into several different, way smaller, portions of storage zones that can easily be grouped, singled out or be taken out of the equation entirely?

It seems there is at least one person out there that has gone one step further than anything previously thought of. We, of course, have the flash drives and whatever you can do with a USB hub and so forth, but I think this one is extraordinarily useful for people with a vast quantity of files that they need to properly store in order to find, move and use easily.

Turns out the idea came from a chocolate bar and how it is partitioned up. The Chocolate Folder is a hard drive that uses partitioned flash drives to store the information but acts as a whole drive. It’s hard to understand, I know. Think of it as a next generation flash drive hub connection which doesn’t need a computer to check out what’s on the drive. It has a touchscreen on which you can navigate the content of each partition or the drive as a whole. If it becomes a reality, you will never again have to connect and disconnect external drives in order to find exactly what you need.