The PSP – If Steve Jobs (Apple) Created It

What is it that Apple hasn’t put their nose in just yet? Can we think of anything that Apple could add to their product line without ruining their reputation for solid research and development? Well, for starters… if Apple decided to enter more product territories it won’t be long until they, just like Microsoft, are going to be hauled into court for monopoly acquisitions and brain washing. However, as I believe Apple has a far better strategy than Microsoft ever had, I think they would do just fine.

So, what is it that is missing in their product line, and is there an opportunity add it? Of course, it is a handheld game console so they can rival Microsoft even more. What I mean is, I don’t think it will be long until Microsoft makes a handheld console of their highly successful game console, the XBox. To enter this domain means that Apple will have to play with the titans in the field, namely speaking of Nintendo and Sony. That won’t be easy, but if there is anyone who could pull it off, it’s Apple.

One can only imagine what a handheld game console unit would look like if Apple got their best designers on the project. For starters, it would certainly have a touch screen, some kind of store from which you could download games… oh and a teleport to get you to school whenever you decided to play games all night and don’t have the energy to even step out the door.

Designer and conceptualizer Matt Brady decided to have a go at the idea and created something quite interesting and original. Even though it was a while ago that these renderings where done, they are quite mesmerizing and I certainly wouldn’t mind having a go at a first person shooter a’la Doom on it. It’s a hybrid between the Sony PSP and the iPhone all bundled into one. There is a flipper, a small keyboard and everything… and the name isn’t far fetched either. Makes for a kickass bundle of joy don’t you think?