The Star Wars C-3PO iPad Case – For The Geekiest Geeks

I remember hearing about this earlier in the year, but as of yesterday, you can get on the official email list to be notified when this case becomes available sometime in August.

This is a geek’s dream iPad case come true. Who needs the standard Apple case when you can sport yours in a C-3PO backpack instead? This isn’t just any C-3PO either, on this one; his cute little LED eyes even flicker (awww). As if you couldn’t tell, he is based on that scene in “Empire Strikes Back” where he is close to being destroyed and then put back together by Chewbacca.

Another super cute feature is that all of C-3PO’s appendages fit neatly into this backpack, or you can put him together into a 3-foot tall protocol droid. Yep, I want one. You can learn more about this and get on the list at Think Geek. I have a feeling this will be a hot item this Christmas! Beware, if you get one of these, expect all the kids on the block to point at you and laugh.

[via gadgetreview]