The Twettle – Will Tweet You When Your Water Boils

Twitter must have a huge effect on us humans. I mean, it’s like we manufacture everything around it and there seems to be no end to all the ideas constantly being announced. I wonder if @jack, @biz and @ev ever knew their little baby would grow up to be as famous and worldwide as it has become. And it’s growing each day both in terms of users as well as apps using it’s API. One thing is for certain, these guys have created one heck of a platform for further developments, whatever those may be.

So far we have seen beds, dogs, cats, cars, heart monitors and many other things incorporate Twitter into their every day use. We rely on Twitter as if it was our own little companion that we constantly turn to in order to find out the very latest that will move, inspire, teach or keep us company, even if only for a little while. I sometimes wonder what products will not be able to incorporate Twitter into its own technology. However, after finding this little thing, I am no longer sure there will ever be a product that won’t incorporate Twitter.

Designers Murat Mutlu and Ben Perman came up with a little odd, however wonderful idea that could change the way we boil our tea. They called it “Twettle” and it is basically a tea kettle enhanced with a Twitter technology. When your water is boiling, the kettle will tweet you to tell you that the water is done and ready to be served. The kettle will also tweet how much water has boiled and, by the look of it, the kettle will also have “Data” collecting and “USB” capabilities.

The Twettle is surely going to entertain us if it is ever manufactured. The designs are all done, but there is still a need for $500,000 to make sure the product goes into production. Mutlu and Perman are quite optimistic, and if you have a few hundred thousand dollars just laying around somewhere and you feel this product could change the world, then I suggest you get in touch with these guys so we can all enjoy this madly wonderful idea. Find our more about these guys on their website.