The Ultimate Earphones – Anytime. Anywhere.

A common problem when it comes to earphones is that you can never get the little devils to actually stay in place, especially if you’re running for example. Sure they stay in there, but do you get the ultimate sound from them? Wouldn’t the earphone business be so much more vibrant and profitable (along with every musical handheld device) if kids could use them as well? I mean, their ears are usually too small, and it makes the earphones fall out or not stay in place.

Designer Yong Lee & i-sound have come up with the ultimate solution for this problem, and yet again, it’s simplicity that does it. All it took was an extra cord to wrap around the ear and a few minor design changes to the actual earphone, and it’s fixed. The solution is genuine and genius.

Now there’s no more trouble trying to fit those things. They are always in place. They will always provide the ultimate sound, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they would all come in a waterproof edition as well. So get a pair (if you can find them as they are just a concept design still) and never again excuse yourself for not being able to tag along with someone that is about to go out for a run. There are no more excuses. This is no other future than yours!