The World’s Biggest Sign Post

One word that is truly important when you are creating a campaign is the word interactive! With social media as the driver for engagement and conversation, companies now look at ways to make sure that their product connects with their consumers.

Nokia launched its OVI Map system and to bring more interest to the feature they installed the world’s biggest sign post in London. The idea was that the navigation system is a really useful thing when it comes to finding a certain spot in a big city.

The mobile phone brand was aiming to encourage people to start using its navigation both from the phone and the web. To show the benefits from employing the service, Nokia put up a giant post with an arrow that was controlled by setting directions (via text messages or online). The arrow changed its position, displayed the name of the place and pointed to it when the people around sent it the destination. (source).

The World’s Biggest Signpost from adghost on Vimeo.