The World’s Tiniest Guns – With These There Would Be No Wars!

It’s one of the most useless inventions you can ever think of. Some people may argue about it, but really, it is. War is such a waste of time, money and lives and yet our leaders and extremists are continuing to proclaim them in every way they can. Sometimes it’s to put fear in us and sometimes for profit. Sometimes it’s even just to show their strength to prevent a bigger war. It’s all such a dumb idea, and still it’s one of the most present activities in the news today.

What if guns weren’t so dangerous? What if we could just switch their caliber and size with the flick of a hand and a snap of a couple fingers? Wouldn’t that solve everyone’s problems? I guess not, but it would still save a lot of lives I reckon. Take a look at these guns. What if people who want to own a gun for private protection just bought these instead? It would totally make the world a safer place, and it would also make it a much more fun place to live in.

The point here is that if things were just this easy, then everything would be kind of easy to solve. However, these tiny guns, especially the mini machine gun, pack a lethal punch. It’s easy to get fooled by the size of these guns, as I was fooled when I first saw them. Jonathan Spencer, a consultant forensic scientist, is promptly saying that these guns can prove quite dangerous, and in many cases, fatal for the people standing in front of them. Too bad, I had such high hopes for humanity and our ability to invent stuff… well, I guess I was wrong… this time as well.