Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPad [Infographic]

It’s getting close, people! The new iPhone is about to be revealed and we’re all hoping it will be the iPhone 5. It has long been said that it will be something outstanding, and I am sure it will be. However, reports lately have uttered words that say it won’t be an iPhone 5, but rather an iPhone 4S that will be unveiled at the keynote. I guess we will just have to see what it is that Apple has been doing behind those closed doors that I am sure they have been reinforcing since the debacle of the iPhone 4 the last time around. This year, they probably want to do nothing less than really blow us away. There are even talks about the “Personal Assistant” feature (rumored) which might even supersede even the expectation of the new iPhone itself.

We’ll see about that, but there have also been talks about Apple introducing a new iPad (I highly doubt it). So what could be better than to give you guys something that I am sure you didn’t know about before? It’s the Myths About The iPad infographic created by ColcaSac. Whatever you think you knew about the iPad, I am certain there are a few more things that can be entered into that big brain of yours. After all, we can’t all know everything, right?

There are a few things that the iPad actually is capable of that ColcaSac says most people don’t know about, and as I glance through this infographic, it strikes me that they are actually right. A few of the things they mention I surely didn’t know. Apart from the statistics about sales (which I think pretty much everyone knows since they were plastered all over the news when it was fresh), there is a bunch of stuff that is fresh. For example, did you know that you CAN connect pretty much any non-wireless peripherals as long as they have a USB connector?

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Myths About The iPad Infographic