This Business Card Is Armed and Dangerous!

Gone are the days when you have to settle for the same old boring business card that everyone else has. There are so many clever options available now. Yesterday Misty posted an article called “Why Not Use a Techie Business Card?” I enjoyed that article a lot, and as a follow up, I’d like to present you with another business card option. This one shoots pennies.

This is the most useless cool thing I’ve seen all week so far. It may not be very professional, and as a matter of fact, it’s not even that attractive, but I challenge you to find a business card that is more fun! This card is a standard business card size with a magazine that pops up on the top where you can load up to 10 pennies which shoot in rapid succession up to 15 feet. How cool is that?

Now you can create a mini shooting gallery anywhere you go! I can think of several clients of mine that would love this. I’m sure that people wouldn’t throw away this business card. These cards were created by a mechanical engineer in Oklahoma named Bryce Bell. If you are interested in building your own penny shooter business card, Bryce posted some very basic instructions here:

This video has only been on YouTube for a week and it already has over 314,000 views. Congratulations Bryce! You have a winner with this one.