This Interactive Bus Stop Is Beyond Bladerunner Style!

Taking the bus, depending on where you are of course, can be quite tedious and annoying. Just waiting for it can drive a man mad if you are out of batteries on your cell or if it’s cold outside. Then there’s this thing with all the stops, cramped seating if it’s full, and the whole thing with the waiting again. What’s even more annoying is that you never know when the bus will arrive. When it’s late, it’s just torture not knowing when it will get to the bus stop you’re at. Over here in Sweden, in the city (Stockholm), we have a timer at the bus stop that tells you when the bus will arrive, even when it’s late. Sensors locate the bus around its tour and shoot the information to the bus stop where it is due to visit next.

However, there is one thing cooler than this and Soonkyu Jean is the creator and inventor of it. I recently watched Bladerunner, and this bus stop gadget made me think about that movie and beyond. On it, you will be able to tell where the bus is in real time. You’ll also be able to book your tickets and look up time tables.

The user interface is, of course, a touch screen that can be rotated to fit the route you’re interested in. Extensive information can also be implemented, and with this thing there are probably a million pieces of unnecessary data that could be displayed which none of us knew we wanted. It’s just badass if you ask me. It’s expensive to implement, probably. Bladerunner cool, hell yeah!