Tips To Find the Best Vaporizer In 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

When you are looking for a vaporizer you will notice it can be a major challenge. Firstly, you have a huge range of different brands and features to consider from. Secondly, you then have to figure out what it is exactly your looking for from your vaporizer. Finally, you then have to choose the vaporizer which meets all requirements and happens to fall within your budget. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s safe to say, choosing a vaporizer is a difficult task. That’s not to say it isn’t exciting, because it is, but it certainly helps to know what to look out for when choosing.

From my own experience, I’ve put together a short article of what I found to be helpful tips when purchasing a new vaporizer.

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Battery Life

The runtime is a key consideration you should be making when purchasing a vaporizer. I know, it sounds obvious, but you would be surprised by the number of people who purchase a vaporizer without even given this a second thought, resulting in them being disappointed post-purchase.

Research a potential vaporizers battery life and whether its re-chargeable (Yes you can still get battery-powered vaporizers, and no I do not recommend them), this is a necessity especially for portable vaporizers as your more than likely going to be on the move with them regularly. Don’t leave yourself on the go and with no way of accessing your herb, it’s not fun believe me.


Size and a vaporizers portability is a key tip to take into consideration. If you’re looking for a vaporizer to take with you on the go it’s probably best to look towards a portable or pen vaporizer instead of a desktop vaporizer. Vape pens are a lot more discreet than a desktop that’s for sure, so think how much you’re going to use it firstly, and secondly how you are going to use it.

This might sound obvious, but it will instantly reduce the number of vaporizers you have to choose from and prevent you from wasting your time looking at vaporizers you’re never going to want.


If it’s a high-quality vaporizer your searching for, durability will be of key concern. Your investing your hard earned money in a vaporizer the least you should get is one that is rigid and durable over a long period of time and not one that’s going to break out of the blue.  If you’re considering purchasing a vaporizer made of glass, it’s imperative that your careful while using it.

That, in turn, might influence your decision, if you’re going to be on the move and in a rush, possibly glass isn’t the best solution if it’s going to be pulled in and out of your pocket. A more durable or sturdy material might suit you better in the long term.

Being able to buy a new vaporizer can be exciting. At the same time, though, you will find it is nearly impossible for you to know which one of these is the best for you to buy. That is why I’ve put together a list of a few simple (possibly obvious) tips that could hopefully help you out. Once you use these tips it will hopefully make the process far easier for you and leave you happier with your purchase in the long term.

Best of luck in your search for finding your new vaporizer.

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