Top 5 ACE Online Tools For An Entrepreneur

You have always preferred to do things your way. Not that it was still a good idea, nevertheless, you persisted. Later, with a specific dose of surprise, you have discovered that your natural distaste for rules and the status quo makes you the perfect pioneer.

Your eyes are set on the future, which often brings the desired results. Obviously, there is room for improvement – things could be better. This article will show you five online tools that will make your life as an entrepreneur more manageable and help your business thrive.

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Your ideas may be splendid, but for your product to be a bestseller, you need to understand your customer base. If your company isn’t that big yet, the resources that could be spent on this task are somewhat limited. One way to deal with this issue is to purchase software that will do this for you.

AYTM, which stands for “Ask Your Target Market,” is a tool that can be utilized to get to know the needs of the customers. The surveys are limited to 25 questions, which for some may seem like not enough, but the longer the survey is, the chances of respondents getting discouraged are rising.

With its intuitive design, you can conduct quantitative research in mere hours. AYTM claims that their surveys can reach 25 million people. With sample this big, you’ll have no problem understanding the whims of the market.


For some reason, the sales might be worse than expected. If that’s the case, you’ll undoubtedly want to know why. If the product is defective, you’ll undoubtedly hear that from your customers. If the real culprit is the mediocre online visibility, then you may need a program that will check whether your suspicions are, in fact, correct.

Rankitor allows you to monitor how well – or worse, your site ranks in a search engine. It also informs you about the changing rank of the keywords. It is another tool from the creators of ProRank Tracker, people with years of experience. You don’t have to have the same background – the interface is intuitive, making it easy to navigate for people without much experience.


In this day and age, there is an overabundance of channels that can be used to market our services. Not that it isn’t helpful, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to remember to update all of them, the time also being a factor.

IFTTT allows you to create chains of conditional statements so that your workload will significantly decrease. It is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email newsletters, WordPress blog, and many others. Six hundred thirty others, to be precise, giving you almost endless possibilities of combining different if-statements.

Want to get an alert on your mobile phone when the software you’ve always dreamt about gets discounted. The stocks of Google rise, and there is a big tech conference nearby? No problem. The only limit is your imagination.


Even if your product is truly exceptional, once your product hits the market, you’ll inevitably receive a lot of messages from the customers. Once again, if your product isn’t that successful, you’ll most likely manage with all the inquiries and complaints yourself.

If it’s not the case, your best choice might be to purchase customer support software, like Freshdesk. It allows you to make the process of categorizing and dealing with the messages much more manageable. You can prioritize and set deadlines for tickets so that the reply comes on time. It’s easy to understand interface will ensure that you don’t overlook any messages and don’t lose the trust of your customers.


Once you have the data about your visibility on the internet, your natural reaction may be to improve your ratings. The problem is, you might have trouble deciding which tasks are most relevant and need prioritizing. In this situation, you might be better off allowing the software to do that instead.

You can use Glasshat to comprehensively analyze the condition of your website and that of your competitors. Then this software generates a plan for all the activities that you’ll need to undertake to improve your visibility. This digital marketing plan will, in turn, increase the influx of newcomers to your site and influence sales.

The Ball Is In Your Court

The tools listed above won’t magically transform your business into a new Google without any effort on your part. Still, they can be used to make some processes quicker, simpler, or more visible without wasting your attention. Now it’s your time to start using them and reap the benefits.

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