Top 5 Data Security Mistakes Your Startup Can’t Afford

Online startups are fun and give hope to entrepreneurs of all types. No matter what angle you’re headed for, there is one thing that all startups have in common, and that is that they are short on cash. Saving every penny and putting it where it will be most effective is key to gaining success and staying above water.

Those who are thinking about or have already broken the ice with a startup should look into Hyper-V backup solutions, guaranteeing that security mistakes are left at a minimum. Startups can’t sacrifice money, needing to take precautions to avoid these top mistakes in data security.

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1. Skipping The Updates

Updates are important. They keep all things online running smoothly and come with added security. Often, companies update their online systems to take care of any vulnerability that could allow cyber attackers to hack in. On top of that, some things are outdated or weak in terms of an online presence. This is why updates are essential and should be scheduled often to guarantee the health of the application or the website which the startup is using.

2. Hiring Newbies

Startups often take newbies and attempt to grow the company together while everyone is learning. While this is great for other parts of the startup, you might not want to hand over data security to a newbie. Nothing personal but, they might not have the experience to protect data. User data protection is nothing to play with, resulting in large, unthinkable fines if any kind of data breach occurs. Whoever you choose to put in charge of managing your data, make sure that they know methods and laws of keeping data safe.

3. Creating Weak Credentials

Any account that allows for an online presence needs to be opened and managed with care. To make sure that the chances of a cyberattack are low, you should make sure to create passwords and credentials to access accounts that are difficult to guess. Think of the most random letter and number combinations, maybe adding a few special characters in there too. This will prevent attackers from guessing credentials and accessing data.

4. Putting Too Much On One Plate

Startups often hire the bare minimum when it comes to employees. This is to keep costs low and often results in piles of work for each team member. While this creates excellent momentum and energy, you don’t want to sacrifice security by leaving it to one person. Protecting massive amounts of data is a big job, one that shouldn’t be piled on one employee’s plate. If you make any investment, be sure that you put enough into protecting data to avoid fines or lawsuits if it is ever mishandled.

5. Skipping Backups

Last but not least is skipping backups. IT teams sometimes push off backups, thinking that everything is going to continue running smoothly. However, backups are the thing that keeps data safe in case there is ever a system crash or data breach. Backups keep systems from overload to keep them running smoothly and guarantee that data will always be there when it is needed. Skipping or pushing off backups is a huge mistake, something that could wind up costing lots of money in the long run.

Keep Your Startup Above Water

Because every penny matters when you’re starting up, you shouldn’t take risks that could cost you a fortune. Protecting your data and keeping a healthy online presence is key to keeping things running smoothly and avoiding the possibility of improperly managed data. An online presence comes with a lot of responsibility, worth every penny of your investments to avoid fines and lawsuits. Keep your customers safe and create a trusting image by keeping security one of your top priorities.

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