Top 5 Uses Of Digital Signages In Real Estate

Digital signages are everywhere. You can’t go anywhere without finding them around you. Using technology like LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images to display content, it’s become one of the most go-to forms of displays. Its popularity has risen tremendously over the years, mainly because it engages with the audience in a very effective way.

Real estate benefits a lot from technology. The ‘For Sale’ sign on the house, the humble beginnings of using signage in real estate, is still here to stay, but you definitely have to step up your game and get into that digital playing field.

To know the difference between signage and digital signage, compare your modern-day smartphone to the first phones that came out. You get the idea. Have a look at these five ways digital signages in real estate are being used now.

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Showing The Neighborhood

In real estate, you’re not just selling or buying a house; you’re selling or buying an entire neighborhood. A descriptive blurb with a few photos can no longer cut it, and your marketing skills need to be boosted to survive. Video tours of entire neighborhoods make people feel they’re actually walking with the neighborhood.

Virtual Home Tour

The virtual home tour is all the rage. These tours have a very strong impact, especially when a real estate agent has to deal with the hesitant client. The people at Creative Realities Digital Signage helps you use new technology and will let you know what your options are because a virtual tour can be as simple as a slideshow to more engaging 3D videos.

These statistics should speak for themselves: “… listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views than listings without tours (including those with still photos alone), and that 54% of buyers who use the site will not look at properties that don’t include virtual tours.”

Display Trends

Signages offer buyers and sellers a lot of information. An enticing presentation of current and forecasted trends is very motivational for both parties of a transaction. Digital signs allow companies to use infographics, charts, and videos to get attention and then follow up with relevant data. Demographics, housing price trends, and more can all be displayed on digital signage.

Showcase A Modern Image

You want your agency to keep up with the times. A digital screen on your office window can bring in more customers, for example. It’s also a way to highlight your properties and info on them. Showing new properties on the market, price changes of different properties, those that must be sold quickly, and those that are to be rented, and so forth, are typical tasks of this industry.

Quick Updates

Real estate is never stagnant, and using digital enable you to keep up with the live, up-to-the-minute nature of online real estate listings. Potential buyers are in the loop of new listings, as well alerted when a listing is no longer available.

More engaging, relevant, informative, and fresh content are all advantages digital signage gives you. While you want to persuade clients, you also want them to feel confident in your way of doing business. Only then will they be comfortable making a property purchase.

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